An enum is a data type made out of a set of named values. Let’s leverage them

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How to use enums in Ruby on Rails. Photo by the author.

We’re continuing the series on building a Customer Relationship Management system with Ruby on Rails.

Modern CRM in Ruby on Rails — Part 2


  1. Part 1 — Settings up Rails, ActiveAdmin and create the Clients model
  2. Part 2 (this article)


In the last article, we went through all the steps needed to set up our development environment with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, we installed ActiveAdmin into our application and created the model and…

A few things to understand before you begin.

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Which should you choose for your new project?


What comes before product-market fit

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This is the first of a series of tutorial on building a Customer Relationship Management application using Ruby on Rails.

Building a modern CRM in Ruby on Rails


Building a Customer Relationship Management system is an extremely hot topic among software engineers nowadays. With the current health environment pushing more and more businesses to consider going online, the demand for CRMs is higher than ever.

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What is a meta description?

The Meta Description is the summary of a web…

The Ultimate Guide for Great Page Titles for SEO — Powered by SEOly

Technical Background

The Page Title is a piece of HTML code, part of the Head section, representing the title of the webpage.

Catalin Ionescu

Ruby on Rails Software Engineer Consultant. Bristol University alumnus. Founder of Organisely. Author of Modern Rails.

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